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Hardwood decking

At Total Deck Head, we are a specialist carpentry team based in Bicester, assisting property owners throughout Oxfordshire with their hardwood decking projects. As a professional team, we are widely skilled in a full range of hardwood decking planning, design and installation techniques, which allows us to achieve premium results, at a competitive cost. Therefore, if you are looking for a specialist team to take on your timber or general hardwood decking project, look no further than Total Deck Head.

Alongside being naturally aesthetic, hardwood decking is well known for its extremely durable, long-lasting qualities. Additionally, hardwood decking materials are proven to withstand all weathers with minimal to no maintenance, making hardwood a perfect option for property owners who are looking to achieve a natural wood appearance, that requires less attention than other wood and timber materials.

Hardwood decking comes with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Increases property value
  • Strength and durability
  • Longevity
  • Naturally beautiful wood finish
  • Practical for the indoor-outdoor family
  • Transforms lifestyle properties
  • Minimal to no maintenance

At Total Deck Head, it is our number one priority to meet our customer expectations and to ensure this happens every time, we conduct a rigorous plan and design process at the beginning of each project. During this stage, we call out to the property to measure the specified decking area, followed by a consultation to discuss the hardwood decking specifications. This is crucial as it allows us to gain a clear understanding of our customer's desired results prior to completing the work.

We like to reassure our customers that all stages of our hardwood decking installation process are conducted with precision. This ensures the frame construction, panel installations and refinishing, sanding and staining work are finished meticulously.

Alongside this, safety plays a huge role in our projects at Total Deck Head. As a professional team, we adhere to strict health and safety guidelines whilst conducting our decking projects in order to achieve optimally safe results. This means, when undergoing your hardwood decking project with our team, you can put your confidence in us that your property environment will be maintained in a hazard-free position for the entire duration and that your new hardwood decking will comply with all safety standards once the project is complete.

For more information on our hardwood services at Total Deck Head, or to arrange your project with our team, call us on 07742432564, where one of our carpentry specialists will be happy to assist you further.

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